Railway & Highway


Indian railway comes under the ministry of railway and is run by the government as a government entity. It is known to manage the fourth largest network in the world. It demands efficiency and non erroneous work. The chief focus of SDIPL is on setting up the primary base in Railway Construction. We undertake certain types of railway work such as Earthwork, Execution of railway track, Signalling, ROB, RUB, Bridges, OHE, drain, Buildings, Blast work, P-way and Architectural works of various railway stations mainly on sub- contract and labor contract basis. We provide 100% efficiency to our clients in our working.

The railway segment of the government is vastly spread over the country. The construction work of railway platforms is very time-consuming but at our company, we aim at bringing in more time-effectiveness by making available the raw materials and other resources within less time duration. It includes work that requires big machinery to perform every task. For instance, the earthwork is known to be any kind of engineering work in which the creation is done through continual processing of parts of the earth’s surface containing unformed rocks and large quantities of soil. Huge amount of material is moved from one place to another (upto millions of cubic metres) which requires the usage of heavy construction equipment.


Highways promote interconnectivity among cities to enable better transport facilities. At SDPIL, we undertake the construction work of different roads and highway projects from all over the country. Our team is highly skilled and proficient in handling structure and formation work. Additionally, we perform advanced work such as- culverts, flyover, bridges, drain, retaining wall, marking which depends on sub contract as well as labor contract basis.

Under civil engineering lies the branch of highway engineering which includes planning, design, construction, operation, along with maintenance of roads, bridges and tunnels to ensure proper safety and transportation. Current and future traffic is estimated on a particular road network before highway development and construction. The major task of engineers working on highway construction is to make predictions and analyze the civil impacts of highway systems. In today’s times, we can witness a high rate of growth in the motor vehicle industry as well as economic growth which has increased the demand for safe, compatible and non congested highways. Furthermore, any environmental considerations are also to be included in highway planning, construction, scheduling and maintenance of highway systems. Therefore, the engineers have to be aware about such a process known as Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA.